At Spectrum Training we offer a variety of payment options to ensure payment for your learning program is easy and can be factored in to your budget. We accept cash, credit card and electronic funds transfer for all learning programs. We also offer unit by unit and module by module payment options along with a pay by the month option.For our corporate partners we are happy to invoice you directly upon receipt of a valid purchase order.

Funded training payment options

I'm a trainee at Spectrum Training, do I have to pay any fees?

Yes. All trainees receiving training under a Queensland User Choice program are required to pay a student contribution fee. This fee is calculated at $1.60 per nominal hour of your qualification.All qualifications funded under the Queensland User Choice program are situated within a priority level.  Qualifications that are listed as Priority One receive a 100% subsidy of course fees. Qualifications that are listed as Priority Two receive a 75% subsidy of course fees. And qualifications that are listed as Priority Three receive a 50% subsidy of course fees.If you belong to a priority population group (more information here), or reside in a remote area, there may be additional course fee subsidies and loadings available.


If you are a school based apprentice or trainee (SAT) you are exempt from paying the student contribution fees whilst you remain at school.If payment of the student contribution fee would cause you extreme financial hardship you may be exempted from paying the fees.The student contribution fee is $0.64 (or 40% of the full fee) for those in the following categories:

  • You are under 17 years of age at the end of February in the year you undertake training, not at school and have not completed year 12;
  • You have a health care card or pension card, or you are the partner or dependant of a person who holds a health care card or pension card and you are named on the card;
  • You are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person

Are there any additional fees for the Certificate 3 Guarantee program

Under the terms of the Certificate III program Spectrum Training is required to charge a student contribution fee.  This fee is currently $1.00 per unit of competency.  If you have any questions about this fee please feel free to ask us.

I represent a business and would like to know what payment options we have

Most businesses prefer paying for their learning program upon receipt of an invoice. At Spectrum Training we are happy to do this for you. We’ll work with you on a learning plan, including a payment schedule, that you can draw up a purchase order against.If you would like to pay via a different arrangement please get in touch and we\’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Do I have to pay all of my fees before I start the course?

Spectrum Training is happy to discuss a range of payment options with you.  If you have any questions about payments please contact one of our course advisor’s.