Have you already completed a previous training program? Have you got work experience in the field you are studying? Great, you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL) or credit transfer.

RPL and credit transfer allow your prior skills, knowledge and academic achievements to be recognised in the completion of your current training program. Make sure you discuss RPL and credit transfer with us at the time of enrolment and with your course facilitator once you start your learning program.

Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL is the formal recognition of skills and abilities acquired outside of formal education. If you have relevant work experience (paid or unpaid), life experience or community work experience you may be able to have this experience count towards some or all of your learning program.

Contact us for more information on the RPL options available at Spectrum Training.

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer is the recognition of your previous formal education achievements. The amount of credit transfer allowed varies according to each qualification.

Contact us for more information on the credit transfer options available at Spectrum Training and for your specific learning program.