At Spectrum Training you have the freedom to fit learning around your work and life, not the other way around!

In most cases you can commence a training program with Spectrum Training at any time and we facilitate numerous tailored workshops all year ’round.

If speed is of the essence you can also cluster units in order to complete one or more qualifications in a short period of time.

How many units do I complete at once?

Each course is different so you may be doing one or you may be doing four units at any given time.  When you enrol in a learning program with Spectrum Training we work with you to ensure that you complete an appropriate number of units for your study goals and life commitments.

At Spectrum Training we usually cluster similar units together so you can complete the training and assessment requirements for a group of units in a shorter time period, and with less work, than if you completed them all individually.

Am I full time or Part Time?

At Spectrum Training we rarely use these terms (unless your funding package requires it).  We advocate life-long learning making us all full-time learners!

What about Centrelink and EFTSL?

A number of our courses and programs are currently covered by Centrelink.  Please contact us if you are considering studying whilst receiving a Centrelink benefit.