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A revolution in Leadership Development






Unique Leadership Development – Connecting  Leadership  to Health  and Wellbeing

Spectrum’s Healthy Leaders program is a unique leadership development program that combines high quality accredited leadership and management training with a health and well-being program.

It is designed to create Leaders who are

  • Strong
  • Skilled
  • Successful


Face‐to‐Face Facilitation

Face‐to‐face learning provides the cornerstone of adult education at Spectrum, with high quality facilities, dedicated, industry experienced trainers and smaller class sizes Spectrum Training offer the best in off the job training.

  • Individualised assistance
  • Catering for all learning styles
  • Interactive, relaxed environment
  • Small group and role‐play activities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to Spectrum’s highly skills facilitators


Individualised Health and Well-being plans

The highly skilled and qualified instructors from Spectrum Gym will provide both individual and group plans for your staff to assist them to meet their health goals.

Leadership Development to meet your business needs

Spectrum Training’s Healthy Leaders program provides a complete solution to your Leadership Development Needs



Whether you want you leaders to be fit enough to climb Mt Everest or just ready for their next board meeting, Spectrum can tailor it Healthy Leaders program to suit both the needs of your organization and goals, skills and fitness levels of your staff.


  • Branded with your organisations logo
  • Developed to include your leadership framework
  • Tailored to individual needs
  • Assessed to your standards
  • Created to your needs


Spectrum Training provides a complete end to end training solutions service for your organisation;

  • Training needs and skills gap analysis
  • Health and fitness analysis
  • Marketing to staff
  • Enrolment and participant management
  • Pre-course testing
  • Post course testing
  • Program analysis and evaluation

The Spectrum Organisation itself offers a range of services to the community including Disability support services, counselling and other support services and a fully functional Gymnasium.

These other services provide Spectrum training with a unique ability to provide a well‐rounded Leadership Development experience for your staff.
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