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Spectrum Training have recently been in discussion with the QLD Government’s Department of Education, Training and Employment about the most appropriate measures we can employ in keeping our student fees to a minimum whilst remaining contractually compliant. Consequently, we have reviewed and updated our fee structures this week to ensure that they are both fair and transparent. Over the weekend we will be updating our processes and marketing materials (including this website) to reflect these changes, starting with this blog post. Our updated fee structure is contained below.

User Choice (QLD Apprentices and Trainees)

The User Choice program provides government funding to pre-approved suppliers (Registered Training Organisations) to deliver eligible training products. Each qualification is weighted on a three-point scale, called priority levels, to determine the level of funding provided. The course fees for a priority 1 qualification are 100% funded, a priority 2 qualification are 75% funded, and a priority 3 qualification are 50% funded.

In addition to the course fees, apprentices and trainees are required to pay a student contribution fee with the level being set within the User Choice contract. These fees are currently $1.60 per nominal hour with fees for concession students at $0.64 per nominal hour. Nominal hours are pre-defined study loads for each Unit of Competency within a qualification or accredited course. Depending upon the elective Units of Competency in your study program your student fees may be higher or lower than your peers.

For students that are experiencing severe financial hardship, or are likely to experience severe financial hardship given the burden the student contribution fees will cause, a student contribution fee waiver is available.

Change Level: 0 – No Change

Certificate 3 Guarantee (QLD Non-Certificate III Level Qualification Holders)

The Certificate 3 Guarantee program provides government funding to pre-approved suppliers (Registered Training Organisations) to deliver eligible training products. Each qualification has a different funding level with more or less funding being provided to the pre-approved supplier based upon each student’s concession status.

In addition to the funding received from the government, each pre-approved supplier is expected to charge a student contribution fee to all students. The content of this fee is at the discretion of the pre-approved supplier. Previously, we set this fee at $0.00 as we believed that as the fee was at our discretion we were within the bounds of the contract to do so. The Department of Education, Training and Employment (QLD) has disagreed with our position and asked us to commence charging a student contribution fee. Moving forward we will commence charging a student contribution fee of $0.45 for each Unit of Competency that all students enroll in under the Certificate 3 Guarantee program. This fee will be invoiced as an aggregate at the end of the learning program and must be paid in order to receive a Qualification testamur or Statement of Attainment.

This is a minor change and will add a total financial burden to our Certificate 3 Guarantee program students of $4.95 for the CHC20112 Certificate II in Community Services, and $6.30 for the CHC30408 Certificate III in Disability.

Change Level: 1 – Minor Change

Fee for Service

Fee for service learning programs charge the costs of the program to the student or sponsoring body, such as an employer. Spectrum Training advertise all fee for service programs via our website as complete qualifications. We also develop targeted proposals for specific bodies to provide training services to pre-defined groups.

Change Level: 0 – No Change

A Special Note on RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and RCC (Recognition of Current Competencies) are two options students have to gain recognition for prior experience and study in order to lessen the amount of training and assessment that is undertaken. At Spectrum Training we don’t charge for RCC (sometimes also called Credit Transfer), however we do charge for RPL.

Our RCC process maps exact Units of Competency that you already possess from prior completed learning programs against the rules of your new program. For example, you may have completed a Workplace Health and Safety Unit of Competency from another learning program and can use that Unit of Competency within your new learning program. If, however, your Unit of Competency is not an identical match, or is not allowed as an elective, you will need to apply for RPL. There is never in cost involved with RCC.

Our RPL process analyses your skills and experience gained from prior work experience and study and maps these against the requirements of each Unit of Competency. For some students this is a simple process as they have an extensive related work/study background, whilst other students have difficulty mapping unrelated work experience against the Units of Competency or have difficulty providing the required documentation. It is for this reason that we do not publish a price for RPL. The price for an RPL, however, is never more than the price for the individual Unit of Competency.

Change Level: 0 – No Change

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    Note: We’ve finalised the updating of the course pages on this website for our Certificate 3 Guarantee program courses to reflect the fee changes. We have also updated the relevant funding detail pages with sufficient detail to explain the fee structure changes.

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