Often when studying you may discover or develop an interest in a new area.  Perhaps you then want to change the elective units in your course to suit this new interest.  Not a problem, whilst every possible elective may not be available at Spectrum Training we’re happy to facilitate changes to your learning goals and needs.

How do I change my electives?

The possible elective units you can include within your training program are defined in the Training Packages and Accredited Courses on Spectrum Training’s scope of registration.  If you would like to change your elective units it’s not a problem at all, as long as the electives you would like to complete are allowed within the training package or accredited course you are completing.  In order to change your electives simply let your course facilitator know and we will work with you to make the necessary changes.

I am a User Choice funded student.  How do I change my electives?

At the commencement of your training contract you developed a training plan with your course facilitator and possibly your employer.  This training plan may need to be reviewed in order to alter your elective units.

Depending upon how many elective units, and which ones, you have already completed there may be funding restrictions on what new units can be completed.  You can always complete as many units as you like with Spectrum Training, however User Choice funding may only contribute towards the completion of some of these.

If you are a User Choice funded student simply let your course facilitator know and we will work with you to make the necessary changes and let you know if there are any restrictions.

Are there any fees if I change my electives?

No.  Spectrum Training do not charge any fees for changing a student’s elective units.