If you are a student receiving funding for your training program you may need to follow certain procedures in order to make changes to your training program.

Can I change my elective units?

Of course you can.  Please discuss the changes you would like to make with your facilitator who will look at the rules and funding available within your package.  In some cases you may need to develop a new training plan with your facilitator before you can commence your new units.

Can I change my employer?

Of course you can.  If you are a User Choice funded student you will need to have a training contract with an employer in order to continue receiving the government contribution towards your course fees.  If you would like to change your employer, or have lost your job with your current employer, please let your course facilitator and Australian Apprenticeship Centre know as soon as possible so we can work with you in order to find you a new employer or have an employer you have found on your own complete any necessary paperwork.

Can I change my RTO?

Of course you can, but we’d be sorry to see you go.  If you are unhappy with the services you have received at Spectrum Training we’d love you to let us know what we’ve done poorly and how you think we could improve.  If you would like to move to a new RTO please discuss your options with your Australian Apprenticeship Centre.