Getting your results can be both exciting and stressful.  Your results are usually available two to four weeks after you assessment date and will be provided to you directly by your facilitator.

How to get a statement of your results

You can request a statement of results at any time by calling our administration team on 07 3881 3310 and requesting one.  An electronic statement of results is provided free of charge.  If you would like a hard copy of your statement of results a $15.00 charge will apply.

Please note that a statement of results is not a formal testamur and will include any units that you may have received a Not Yet Competent mark for.

How to get a Statement of Attainment or Qualification Testamur

At the end of your learning program you will receive either a Statement of Attainment of a Qualification testamur.  If you would like a Statement of Attainment prior to completing your course you can request by calling our administration team on 07 3881 3310.  Please note that a fee is payable for the issuance of any Statement of Attainment or Qualification testamurs in addition to the one that is included with your enrolment.

Result abbreviations and their meanings

All training provided by Spectrum Training is competency based and results in a variety of possibly unfamiliar gradings.

C – Competency achieved.  This grade is applied when sufficient evidence has been gathered that competency has been achieved, as expressed by the relevant endorsed industry/enterprise competency standards of a training package or by the learning outcomes of an accredited course.

NC – Competency not achieved. This grade is applied when insufficient evidence has been provided to support the awarding of the C grading.  This grade does not assume that the student will not achieve competency in the future and reassessment may be occurring after this grade has been awarded.

W – Withdrawn/discontinued with participation.  This grade is applied when a student commences but does not complete one or more units of study.

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning.  This grade is applied when recognition of prior learning has been granted.

CT – Credit Transfer.  This grade is applied when credit transfer has been granted.