Spectrum Training’s Special Circumstances policy is in place to ensure that all students who are experiencing personal difficulty can apply for their funding and/or grade decisions to be reassessed.

To be assessed for special circumstances you:

  • May be experiencing financial hardship and wish for your User Choice Student Contribution fees to be reassessed
  • May have received a grade that you feel personal circumstances have negatively contributed towards
  • May have be diagnosed with a medical condition, or have had a pre-existing medical condition change which has impacted upon your ability to complete some or all of your studies
  • May have a change in employment conditions impacting upon your training contract or your capacity to pay for your learning program
  • May have family or personal reasons such as death, severe medical illness or financial difficulties that impact upon you ability to attend scheduled training and assessment activities

What can be adjusted with Special Circumstances?

Spectrum Training can offer a range of support and financial refunds/waivers under special circumstances.  Depending upon your special circumstances and how your training is funded the following may apply:

  • Refund and transfer of course/unit fees
  • Waiver of User Choice student contribution
  • Exemption, re-scheduling and special consideration for training and/or assessment activities
  • Support with accessing a new host employer

How do I apply for Special Circumstances?

To request consideration for special circumstances please document the consideration sought and the reasons why in an email to your course facilitator.  There is no fee and Spectrum Training will take care of the rest.

How is my application assessed?

Your application for special circumstances is assessed differently depending upon the consideration requested.  Some government funding contracts have specific requirements and processes that need to be followed and we will need to carefully assess when alternative training and.or assessment dates are available if your application is relevant to this area.  All application’s are assessed by our Training Manager are usually complete within five business days.  Your course facilitator will keep you informed along the way.