Too much to get done in one day?

Drowning in Emails?

Taking work home?

Constantly busy but not achieving the results you want?


Spectrum training’s

Time Management for Professionals could change the way you work


Time Management is one of the key factors of success in today’s business world, whether you are an admin assistant, a CEO or somewhere in between the ability to effectively manage your time is crucial to achieving your goals both at work and out of the office.

Spectrum Training’s Time Management program offers;

  • A range of time management strategies which will allow you to choose the one that works best for your and your lifestye’
  • A technology friendly approach, regardless of the systems or devices you have in your life,
  • Proven techniques to reduce the amount of wasted time and effort in both your work and home life’
  • A simple approach to dealing with email and social media distractions’
  • A method of prioritising work that will ensure you get what you need to get done, done.


Spectrum Training’s Time Management Program a one day program facilitated by respected time and project management trainer and Learning and Development Consultant Paul Rasmussen.

Paul has trained over 10,000 people in time and project management programs for organisations both large and small and in sectors as varied as Government, Community Services, Mining, Teaching and Finance.  Paul understands the needs of a fast paced, agile and responsive work, where deadlines mean everything.

Our Time Management program will change the way in which you look at the hours you have in your day and how you use them.

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